Urban Pulse

Friday, August 14. Centre for Digital Media. Release of  “Urban Pulse” to the Golden Jubilee Committee, a digital game developed specifically for the 50th Annivesary  as a group project by six graduate students at the Centre for Digital Media: David Gutierrez, Weixin Zhu, Jatin Jia, Celine Chen, Albert Rothman and Wendy Chen under the supervision of their instructor, George Johnson. Operating from a kiosk, the game integrates musical composition and images from Vancouver and Yokohama to develop a broader understanding of the cultural life in each city. The game is designed to be played collaboratively at the same time by participants across the Pacific from each other. A similar group in Yokohama has been developing a Japanese interpretation of the same...

Maritime Museum

Thursday, June 25. 3:00-4:00. Vancouver Maritime Museum. Tour by Mayor Hayashi and delegation of “Invisible Threads: Life Saving Sugihara Visas and the Journey to Vancouver” hosted by Museum Director Captain Ken Burton.