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Anirevo 15 Aug14


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Anirevo 15

August 14-16.Vancouver Convention Centre. Ticketed Event. Canada’s largest anime convention,  Anirevo  (short for Anime Revolution) creates opportunities for fans to gather and experience a wide range of activities, exhibits, panels and performanaces, including art, animation, comics, costuming, cultural displays, dance , gaming and musical performances.
 Enjoy the creative programming made with a combination of ideas from gaming, pop, and Japanese culture, that consist of hundreds of hours of planning and preparations! The goal is to provide people of all ages with entertainment, education, and cultural exchange.
Anirevo gathers vendors, artists and exhibits to create a mini market where you can shop for anime and Japanese related products! Vendors bring vast collections of official goods that are hard to find in North America, while Artists come together to showcase an abundance of stunning art styles you will not find in official artworks!
For Ticket information: https://tickets.animerevolution.ca/